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15 Mrach 2009

iPhone is just a Modern Rock with a snazzy user interface…

Came across this post on WomLanka by mack005 and decide to feature it here

This post puts forth the fact that has long been asserted by all Smart phone users that iphone is not a smart phone and mack005 takes this to another level by comparing it to a stone, while you might feel this is a bit over the top but i second all of mack005’s assertions here and would like to add some more facts about the iphone here…….

  • No Changeable battery………. wtf??? your phone is useless when the battery dies
  • No SMS forwarding….. u can’t share a good sms you received with your friends
  • No Copy Paste option……….. u need to type all things from the start every time and its supposed to be smartphone
  • It cost more than 30,000 INR but fails in front of N73 which costs just 13,000 INR has all the above mentioned options but just lacks the snazzy touch screen and user interface.

Hey all you guys out there thinking of buying an iPhone think again and make some better use of your money

and if these were not enough to deter you from buying the iPhone click this search result to see even more………..

PS: Iphone sucks…………..

16 Feb 08

The Nokia N86 Leaked – By Nokia Itself via The Symbian Blog

Would you believe it! Nokia has leaked images of its yet unannounced Nokia N86. The fun never seems to end. Inside the press kit for the Mobile World Congress is a backgrounder on Nokia’s alliance with Carl Zeiss, the company behind the optics used in most Nokia camera phones. Present in this PDF file is a absolutely clear image of the Nokia N86, depicting its front as well as the back.

We had all expected to see the N86 announced earlier today, but for some reason Nokia chose to wait. Not one picture of the device had leaked till date before Nokia decided to let it rip themselves. The backgrounder confirms that the N86 will be a 8MP camera phone with Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash.

Here is a picture of the camera module itself. The styling on the device is also in line with new Nseries phones like the N97 and the N79.

14 Feb 2008

Disassembly of Nokia N95

Found this on

14 Feb 2008

Nano Generators to Allow Users to Power Devices from Typing via IntoMobile

Huh, now here’s a novel concept: harness the force you use to type to juice your phone’s battery. Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are working hard to pull it off.
“Using nanotechnology, we have demonstrated ways to convert even irregular biomechanical energy into electricity,” said Zhong Lin Wang, a Regent’s professor in the Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering. “This technology can convert any mechanical disturbance into electrical energy.” … The nanogenerator power is produced by the piezoelectric effect, a phenomenon in which certain materials – such as zinc oxide wires – produce electrical charges when they are bent and then relaxed. The wires are between 100 and 800 nanometers in diameter, and between 100 and 500 microns in length.
Obviously this has far-reaching effects for any kind of personal items (shoes, clothes, chairs, you name it), but for mobile, you could have a specialized holster that generates power simply by the way your phone jostles when you walk. In terms of scale, you would need a couple of thousand of these nanowires in order to power a Bluetooth headset. OEMs were all talking about being green-friendly at CES, and I suspect a technology like this would be quickly adopted by the more forward-thinking manufacturers out there. For the time being, the Wang Team has only pulled this off with the above-pictured hamster, but it shows that “we really can harness human or animal motion to generate current.”

Click here for details

10 Feb 2008

How To: Sync Your Mobile Contacts With Your Google Account For Free via Vaibhav Sharma of The Symbian Blog

I’ll keep the introduction on this one short. All us want to be able to sync out Gmail contacts to our S60 devices and not pay for it, this post will tell you how exactly to go about doing that without requiring to install any application. I’ve successfully used Google Mobile Sync on the Nokia N96, a FP2 device as well, but for the purpose of this tutorial I will be demonstrating the setup on an E71 which runs FP1.

Read full article here


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