Wi- Fi File sharing on Nokia N-Series and E-Series

I came across this on the web and thought of putting this in a detailed manner.
To make use of this article you need two Wi-Fi enabled devices having Home Media installed on them, I used my N96 and N95 for this purpose
1. Go to Menu>Tools>Connectivity>Home Media

2. Open Home Media and Select Options>Run Wizard

3. Running the wizard first step will tell you what it does, second shall prompt you to enter your device’s name and thid you shall enter the device name

4. Step four shall brief you about Access Point settings, fifth step asks you to chose your access point, make sure to select Create a new one, and then on the next prompt chose Default Settings

5. Now Default Settings open, you can chose to give your connection any name, I choose to keep it connection, Data Bearer should be Wireless LAN, WLAN network name should be entered manually, I chose it N96,

6. Network status can be either public or hidden, WLAN network set to Ad-hoc, Security mode is open and Security can be used or not, I prefer to use it.

7. In WEP settings first is encryption type, 64 or 128 bits, with 128 bits being stronger and key for 64 bit is 5 ASCII characters long and for 128bits its 13 ASCII characters long

8. The Wizard’s fifth step shall ask you which Access point to use select the Access point you saved in this case was Connection.

9. Wizard’s step six to eight shall deal about file sharing, which files to use or not

10. Now the wizard is done with and sharing content starts updating.

11. Now open the share content icon and change Visibilty in network to Show Phone

12. Now get hold of your other Wi-Fi Enabled device, which in this case in a N95 and run first three steps on it then wizard shall brief about the Access Point, in Fifth Step click the Always ask Option.

13. Steps six to nine are same as discussed in point 9
14. Click open Share content now and select Show phone, now phone shall ask you WLAN network, make sure you chose the name you gave on your other phone which in this case wasN96, since I enabled security it asked the WEP Kyey, upon entering it the sharing is enabled

15. Now click open brose home on you fitst phone N96 in this case, and you shall see the phone showing which is N95 here, accept the request on the second phone ie N9S and you can browse its content on first phone and copy content as you like

16. To switch of the home server select hide phone from the Share Content icon in its visibility in network setting on both devices and restart the first phone i.e. the one on which you created the Wi-Fi connection and you are disconnected.

In case of any problem do comment, I shall be more than happy to help

  1. Jafar
    June 28, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Thank u very much……….vry vry thnks….

  1. February 6, 2009 at 2:44 pm

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