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The N95’s Legacy and how it impacts Nokia today……….

N95All you gadget fans out there and even the normobs must be familiar with the legendary handset that came out from Nokia’s stables around 30 months ago, it was christened the N95 by them. Its was a legend then, and even is now but a lot of devices match it or better it these days.

Back in May 2007 when i became a proud owner of the Nokia N95 it was the best mobile phone that the market had. It beat it rivals by miles and no other phone could come near it in term of features. It had all what one could imagine. It had the following list of features that were till then unseen in any mobile device:

  • The first mobile phone that had a 5 Megapixel Camera that was a very  good performer
  • The first mobile phone that had 3.5G to be commercially launched, means it could do 3.5Mbps even in 2007, Wi-Fi, UPnP Read more…

Its Pouring Firmware Updates from Nokia………..

Untitled-1In the spate of just two days Nokia has released firmware updates for two of its N-Series offerings and three of the E-Series devices.

Device Name

New Firmware Version











Read more…

Need more custom Audio Themes for my Nokia

audio_themes_icon.gif With the latest firmware update from Nokia for the N96 came along the functionality to install and use the Audio Themes in the device. This is a really nice feature and allows the user to customize the sounds of the phone in a single go. It also adds a lot of new places where sounds can be added like the slider open and close, menu open and close, background music in the menu and what not.

So being so impressed by the feature i wanted to use it the fullest and customize my N96 even more and went on searching for more custom Audio Themes but could not find any except those from Nokia themselves. This came as a real shocker to me as i was hoping to get at least a few of them if not as many as the Themes we have for our phone. I could not find any developer for the audio themes. Strange…

Audio themes have a lot of potential and can be used not only to customize your phone but also used by people to promote their stuff like an Audio Theme of you favourite movie or of your favourite band and so on, the possibilities are endless. Nokia needs to promote this feature by organizing contests etc. If i were a developer i would have surely designed an Audio Theme using my favourite tracks.Developers give up some cool audio themes.

And thanks to @alsiladka for liking my idea on twitter

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Why I Love my N96……….

March 25, 2009 1 comment

nokia-n96When Nokia announced the N96 in February 2008 it seemed a little short of anything new when compared to the earlier devices like n95 and N95-8GB and hence was not much an object of my desire. Even when the device was released in September 2008 in India, I still did not purchase the N96 as it had a buggy firmware.
But when he Firmware Version 12.043 was released with some major improvements and the reviews of the new device suggesting very improved performance of the device, so I decided to bring this device to my home, and after four months with the device I am glad that I bought it.
The N96 has since then took over the mantle of being my most used device for multimedia purposes from by beloved N95. The device is great to use and is a must for anyone who wants the best device when it comes to great all-round performance
Here’s a list of things that make the N96 a desirable device Read more…

Ovi Blue Theme – My Themes

February 28, 2009 2 comments

Ovi Blue Theme

I loved this theme

Download it here

Some Screenshots

Wi-Fi file sharing on Nokia devices

I came across this on the web and thought of putting this in a detailed manner.

To make use of this article you need two Wi-Fi enabled devices having Home Media installed on them, I used my N96 and N95 for this purpose

To see the process in depth click here