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Touch Vista (Special Edition) Theme by TehkSeven

This is a very good looking Dark theme by Tehk Seven, one of my favorite theme creators. The theme has a fully Black Background with green highlights and great looking icons. Find below the screen shots and the download link.

Screenshot touch vista t70004 Read more…


Reddish Theme by Nahid..

As per Nahid it is his best theme released. Its fully updated with new NaHiD iconset and new icons for 3rd party applications. Theme is compiled in red and black colours.

Its compatible with 3rd edition and 5th edition devices. It has more than 325+ 3rd party icons.

Here are some screen shots of the theme…

Screenshot0019 Read more…

Nokia Slips in E52: The Marathon talk time Slim phone

11Nokia silently slipped the E52 into the webspace through their blog.  The E52 is the reincarnation of the E55 sans the half QWERTY keypad as it sports the more conventional T9. The handset looks sleek and seems nice and shall appeal to more people than the E55 as its more conventional and thus easy to use. Calling it a successor to the E51 will not be a mistake. Like all the recent E series candybar phones this too has it design roots from the super sexy E71 which means that it shall be a slim smartphone. But even being slim the phone packs quite a punch as its battery has enough juice to make it last eight hours of calling on GSM(six hours on WCDMA) and 23 hours standby. The Conversations site call it having super talk time, which as per the given specs seems apt. Read more…

Ovi Blue Theme – My Themes

February 28, 2009 2 comments

Ovi Blue Theme

I loved this theme

Download it here

Some Screenshots

E75, E55, 6210Navigator, 6270 Classic and Ovi store announced by Nokia

February 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Nokia today finally officially announced the leaked E75, along-with it it also announced the E55-the slimmest Smart-phone from Nokia. Also announced were the 6710 Navigator and 6720 Classic and the much talked and written about Nokia Apps store debuted as Ovi store.

E75E75E55E556720 Classic6720 67106710

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Symbian Shortcuts

As My Friend Amit asked

1. To get the Task Manager

To close a running application you can press and hold the Menu button key-menu.gif until all the running task can be seen. Then to close an application highlight it and then press the key-c.gifkey

2. To switch to Silent profile

This shortcut is very handy. Press and hold the keyhash.gif ( ‘0′ key) until the profile changes to Silent. To switch back to normal, press and hold keyhash.gif again

3. To select multiple items

In file browser, address book, gallery or anywhere, when you need to select multiple items hold edit key key-edit.gif while pressing key-enter.gif

To select many files / items press and hold key-edit.gifthen, (while holding down edit key-edit.gif) move key-enter.gifkey to the desired direction until the required files are selected.

To remove the selected files /items press key-c.gif

4. Launching the music player

Press and hold the multimedia key key-multi.gif until the music player shows up

5. Launching the Browser

Press and hold the key-01.gif 0 key until you see the browser window

6. To get the list of last dialed numbers

press the key-call.gifCall key. Select a number and then again press the key-call.gif Call key to dial that number

7. To get to the Voice Mail Box

Press and hold the ‘1′ key key-11.gif . If voice mail box is not defined, it will ask you to define one.

8. Speed dialing

You can set the keys 2-9 for speed dialing. Press and hold the key until it starts dialing. To define speed dials, press and hold an unused number. It will ask you to select a number.

For eg: press and hold the key 2 key-2.gif . If a speed dial is not assigned to this number it will ask you to assign a number for this key. If it is already defined, it will start dialing that number

When working with Text

9. To turn predictive mode on or off

quickly press # key keyhash.giftwice.

10. To insert numbers in character mode

This is a useful shortcut. Press and hold the key until the pressed number appear. For eg: to insert 2 in character mode (normal press will only produce the alphabets associated with it), press and hold the key-2.gifkey until ‘2′ is inserted

11.To switch between the letter and number mode

Press and hold keyhash.gif

12. To insert common punctuations like . ? , etc

Press key 1 key-11.gif repeatedly until you get the desired character

13 To open the special characters window

Press * key key-star.gif.

14. To insert multiple characters from the special characters window

Pressing key-star.gifwill open the characters window. But if you select a character with the Enter key key-enter.gif, the window will be closed. To insert multiple characters without closing the window, use key 5 key-5.gif

15. Selecting and Copy/Pasting text

Press and hold down the edit key key-edit.gifand move the joystick key-enter.gif in required direction. Press edit key key-edit.gifagain to get cut/copy/paste option

In Applications

16. To return to camera from anywhere

If the camera is open and you’re in standby mode or in another application, press and hold the shutter keykey-camera.gifuntil you get the camera application

17. To view the last image in gallery

press key-shutter.gif to view the last image in gallery. Press key-shutter.gif again to get the gallery view.

18. In Image Editor (Select the image. Then Options -> Edit)

Press key-star.gif to view the image in full screen. Press key-star.gif again to return to normal view

Press key-11.gif and key-3.gif to rotate the image anti clockwise or clockwise respectively

To zoom in or out, press key-5.gifor key-01.gif

19. In Video Editor (Select video -> Options -> Edit -> Cut)

To save the current frame as image, press the edit key key-edit.gif

20. In Browser

To go to the end of the page press keyhash.gif

To go to the beginning of a page press key-star.gif

To get the bookmarks while browsing press and hold key-enter.gif

Closes the current window (if multiple windows opened) – Press key-c.gif

To open bookmark, press key-11.gif

To search for text in the current page, press key-2.gif

To return to previous page – key-3.gif

To list all open windows – key-5.gif

To switch between page overview and zoom mode press key-8i.gif

To go to another page key-9.gif

To go to start page key-01.gif

To zoom in and out of the page, use keyhash.gifand key-star.gif respectively