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Reddish Theme by Nahid..

As per Nahid it is his best theme released. Its fully updated with new NaHiD iconset and new icons for 3rd party applications. Theme is compiled in red and black colours.

Its compatible with 3rd edition and 5th edition devices. It has more than 325+ 3rd party icons.

Here are some screen shots of the theme…

Screenshot0019 Read more…


Ultramarine Dark Theme by Nahid

This a new free theme by Nahid. It supports S60V3 and S60V5 handsets.. This theme is really cool and shall give your handset a new look and feel. The icons used in this theme are also beautiful.

Here are some screen shots of the theme taken on my N96.

Scr000003 Scr000004 Read more…

N86 Theme – My Themes

N86 Theme

Here’s a cool theme to make you device to look like the recently announced N86. The theme is really cool, the dull dark blue(indigo) background is perfect and the icons are great too.

Some screenshots of the theme on my N96 are below

Download the Theme here: Download Courtsey The Symbian Guru

Ovi Blue Theme – My Themes

February 28, 2009 2 comments

Ovi Blue Theme

I loved this theme

Download it here

Some Screenshots