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Nokia enters Dual Sim phone market, also announces two other lowend handsets

Nokia in a press conference in Nairobi, Kenya launched four new handsets out of which the C1 and C2 are dual sim based handsets. The other two handsets the C1-01 and C1-02 can be loosely termed as feature phones. Also launched at this event was a novel charging product, the Bicycle charger. here is a brief description of the products.

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N97 Mini shares picture frames with the big bro-The N97


Rumors of an N97 Mini gained traction on Wednesday with images that may represent the device. These pics were hosted up on but got taken down.

The Blog Post said (French to English Translation) :

“You had already mentioned a few weeks of persistent rumors of a Nokia N97 mini. We friends of the blog N97 have a nice scoop out today by offering the first pictures of the mini N97. Read more…

Nokia Slips in E52: The Marathon talk time Slim phone

11Nokia silently slipped the E52 into the webspace through their blog.  The E52 is the reincarnation of the E55 sans the half QWERTY keypad as it sports the more conventional T9. The handset looks sleek and seems nice and shall appeal to more people than the E55 as its more conventional and thus easy to use. Calling it a successor to the E51 will not be a mistake. Like all the recent E series candybar phones this too has it design roots from the super sexy E71 which means that it shall be a slim smartphone. But even being slim the phone packs quite a punch as its battery has enough juice to make it last eight hours of calling on GSM(six hours on WCDMA) and 23 hours standby. The Conversations site call it having super talk time, which as per the given specs seems apt. Read more…

Future of Money=Mobile Phone

April 18, 2009 1 comment

With the News hitting a few days ago of Visa having launched its first mobile payment service utilizing Near Field Communications technology for point-of-sale transactions in Malaysia I could not help myself but visualise the time when all money transactions shall take place with mobile phones. The service allows owners of NFC-powered Nokia 6212 cell phones to wave the device by a contactless reader that will automatically deduct money from their credit account to make payments. Currently, 1,800 shops—along with highway toll gates and car park facilities—are already using the service.

I see this technology becoming a main stream one if the handset makers add it to their handsets with more enthusiasm and vigour.  The technology is great and reduces the need to carry the wallet and your cards with you. Though it increases your convenience but along with this makes your mobile phone more vulnerable and thus giving even more reasons for its theft. The security aspect of this technology is critical if it has to become more main stream. Read more…

5730Xpress Music, 5330Xpress Music, 5030Xpress Radio Calling………

March 15, 2009 1 comment

Yes i am late to post this, but was busy with some official stuff till today. Any how lets get down to business..


On the 11th of March Nokia expanded its Xpress Music segment by adding two more phones The 5730Xpress Music and The 5330Xpress Music through a Virtual launch. It also a added a new brand Xpress Radio by launching the 5030 too.

The 5730Xpress Music

The 5730Xpress Music is the one that was earlier Read more…

Telecom Italia to get 28 Mbps mobile broadband

February 23, 2009 3 comments

Telecom Italia to get 28 Mbps Broadband powered by Ericsson via IntoMobile

Ericsson  and Telecom Italia initiate deployment of mobile network technology of 28 Mbps speeds in early 2009. The deployment will include MIMO technology. Milan will be the first town to become the Italian ‘ultra-broadband city’, enjoying speeds up to 28 Mbps in download and 5.8 Mbps in upload.

Telecom Italia will be first in Italy to deploy live mobile broadband speeds of 28 Mbps with Ericsson’s mobile network technology. Tests in Telecom Italia’s mobile network will start early 2009 and initial deployment is planned in the city of Milan in June 2009. National coverage will follow in the second half of 2009. Read more…

10 things to look for in a Mobile Phone

February 22, 2009 Leave a comment

10 Things to look for in a Mobile Phone via TechDigest

The launch of the very tasty Toshiba TG01 has got me thinking. What is it I’m after in the perfect phone? Well, what with the choice of handsets these days being about more than having polyphonic ringtones, and section 2 subcategory B of Sod’s Law stating that you can’t have everything, I thought it might be a good time to prioritise, especially with MWC 2009 just around the corner.

So, here we go then. The Tech Digest top 10 features to look for in a mobile phone as according to me and with all the subjectivity and bias I can muster. In Read more…