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The Nokia N8 Arrival and Unboxing Pics

July 25, 2011 1 comment

The Nokia N8 arrived to much anticipation at Bathinda House (my abode in Delhi), and the first thing i did was to find my camera to click some unboxing pics of the device, which you will find the post below.

The handset arrived in a shiny yellow package via DHL and was wrapped nicely in a bubble warp.

Shinny Yellow Package Synonymous with DHL

N8 Box Protected by Bubble Wrap

The N8 was packed in a slimline bright Blue Box which had the phone’s outline upfront(see pic above), at the back it had general description about the device. One side had the WLAN MAC address and IMEI no. and other side has Nokia N8 written in shiny Blue letters

Shiny Blue Letters

IMEI and WLAN addresses


Opening the Box one gets to see the N8 residing inside, recessed.

The back of the device is as beautiful as the front, but we will have the hardware review of the device in more detail in a separate post in a few days.

The Box also has a Nokia Micro USB Cable, The In-Ear Nokia headphones with a remote (a feature that is missing with all other manufacturers), The 2mm charger, and the USB on the Go cable for reading pendrives, other phone and also plugging usb keyboards etc. Also there is the HDMI output cable

The Inbox Contents

Keep coming back for the hardware and software review of the N8.

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And i am back to blogging, thanks @WomWorldNokia

This is my fist post since June 3, 2010 and its all thanks to the nice folks at WomWorldNokia. I had been keeping busy a lot with changing jobs, awkward job timings and all and was thus away from the blogging scene for a long time.

Then one day this tweet in my timeline on twitter

to which i promptly replied and a Shinny Dark Grey Nokia N8 was a guest with me for 15 days. I shall be sharing my views on the device over the next few days with more post following on same.

Thanks to WomWorldNokia for giving me the trail device a getting me back to blogging.

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Nokia enters Dual Sim phone market, also announces two other lowend handsets

Nokia in a press conference in Nairobi, Kenya launched four new handsets out of which the C1 and C2 are dual sim based handsets. The other two handsets the C1-01 and C1-02 can be loosely termed as feature phones. Also launched at this event was a novel charging product, the Bicycle charger. here is a brief description of the products.

Read more…

Wallpaper of the day for Nokia N97 mini, N8, Satio, Omnia HD….

Wallpaper of the day

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Touch Vista (Special Edition) Theme by TehkSeven

This is a very good looking Dark theme by Tehk Seven, one of my favorite theme creators. The theme has a fully Black Background with green highlights and great looking icons. Find below the screen shots and the download link.

Screenshot touch vista t70004 Read more…

Reddish Theme by Nahid..

As per Nahid it is his best theme released. Its fully updated with new NaHiD iconset and new icons for 3rd party applications. Theme is compiled in red and black colours.

Its compatible with 3rd edition and 5th edition devices. It has more than 325+ 3rd party icons.

Here are some screen shots of the theme…

Screenshot0019 Read more…

The N95’s Legacy and how it impacts Nokia today……….

N95All you gadget fans out there and even the normobs must be familiar with the legendary handset that came out from Nokia’s stables around 30 months ago, it was christened the N95 by them. Its was a legend then, and even is now but a lot of devices match it or better it these days.

Back in May 2007 when i became a proud owner of the Nokia N95 it was the best mobile phone that the market had. It beat it rivals by miles and no other phone could come near it in term of features. It had all what one could imagine. It had the following list of features that were till then unseen in any mobile device:

  • The first mobile phone that had a 5 Megapixel Camera that was a very  good performer
  • The first mobile phone that had 3.5G to be commercially launched, means it could do 3.5Mbps even in 2007, Wi-Fi, UPnP Read more…