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The N95’s Legacy and how it impacts Nokia today……….

N95All you gadget fans out there and even the normobs must be familiar with the legendary handset that came out from Nokia’s stables around 30 months ago, it was christened the N95 by them. Its was a legend then, and even is now but a lot of devices match it or better it these days.

Back in May 2007 when i became a proud owner of the Nokia N95 it was the best mobile phone that the market had. It beat it rivals by miles and no other phone could come near it in term of features. It had all what one could imagine. It had the following list of features that were till then unseen in any mobile device:

  • The first mobile phone that had a 5 Megapixel Camera that was a very  good performer
  • The first mobile phone that had 3.5G to be commercially launched, means it could do 3.5Mbps even in 2007, Wi-Fi, UPnP Read more…

N97 Mini shares picture frames with the big bro-The N97


Rumors of an N97 Mini gained traction on Wednesday with images that may represent the device. These pics were hosted up on but got taken down.

The Blog Post said (French to English Translation) :

“You had already mentioned a few weeks of persistent rumors of a Nokia N97 mini. We friends of the blog N97 have a nice scoop out today by offering the first pictures of the mini N97. Read more…

Its Pouring Firmware Updates from Nokia………..

Untitled-1In the spate of just two days Nokia has released firmware updates for two of its N-Series offerings and three of the E-Series devices.

Device Name

New Firmware Version











Read more…

Nokia N97: To buy or Not????

n97Nokia’s upcoming flagship the N97 has been amongst the new in the last few days. Nokia as usual have been successful in creating great hype around N97. All this hype and publicity arises the question that is Nokia N97 worth spending your hard earned money on???? Is it the next N95 from Nokia as it was billed before its announcement at the Nokia World last year……. lets investigate………

Why Should you Buy the N97 Read more…

Nokia Automatically adds me to the Nokia N97 Members Club

Today when cheked my mail i was a happily surprised to see that Nokia added me to Nokia N97 Members Club. It was pleasnt to see that Nokia is taking care of regular users and forum members.

Here’s a screenshot of the mail


Any One else got it???

Image is not at full resolution so here’s what it says


The Nokia Innovation Newsdesk is now The Nseries blog.

This is THE go-to destination to find out breaking news, views and more on the innovative features found on the entire Nokia Nseries range, and be part of the exclusive Nokia N97 Members Club. Here you will join a global community of Nokia N97 fans who will get sneak previews on the latest updates on Nokia’s most advanced and most personalized Internet-enabled device ever launched.

Your name has automatically been put onto the Nokia N97 Members Club mailing list so that you can be first in line to see new images and videos of the new device, and be in with a chance to win exclusive prizes, such as a year’s navigation license, Nokia accessories, Nokia Music Store vouchers and even a new Nokia N97 mobile computer.

Nokia N97 Teaser for the MWC

February 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Here’s a teaser for the Nokia N97 for Mobile World Conference

Nokia’s QWERTY Romance

January 31, 2009 3 comments
For Nokia the year 2009 seems to be the Year of the QWERTY phones with N97,


and 5730XM

slated to be released this year.

Nokia has already announced the N97 and the announcement of the E75 and 5730XM are just round the corners.

This seems a major shift in strategy from the Finnish manufacturer towards a full blown keyboard, much on the lines of positioning itself as an internet company.

Nokia has made an attempt to position QWERTY slide out keyboard phone in all of the three segments it has been promoting from the last few years with N97 in the N-Series, E75 in the E-Series and 5730XM in the express music category.

Nokia’s this move is a welcome one as this provides consumers with a lot of variety in the QWERTY keyboard enabled phones which was earlier dominated only by the enterprise segment phones

Nokia also has put QWERTY phones with amazing functionality in the reach of a lot of people as the 5730XM should be around Rs 14500. So in the coming day’s one can expect every one from the college student to the CTO’s to have the ease of use of a full QWERTY in their mobile handsets.

And if these trends continue it would not be surprising to see most of Nokia’s phones having a slide out keyboard

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