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The N95’s Legacy and how it impacts Nokia today……….

N95All you gadget fans out there and even the normobs must be familiar with the legendary handset that came out from Nokia’s stables around 30 months ago, it was christened the N95 by them. Its was a legend then, and even is now but a lot of devices match it or better it these days.

Back in May 2007 when i became a proud owner of the Nokia N95 it was the best mobile phone that the market had. It beat it rivals by miles and no other phone could come near it in term of features. It had all what one could imagine. It had the following list of features that were till then unseen in any mobile device:

  • The first mobile phone that had a 5 Megapixel Camera that was a very  good performer
  • The first mobile phone that had 3.5G to be commercially launched, means it could do 3.5Mbps even in 2007, Wi-Fi, UPnP Read more…

N97 Mini shares picture frames with the big bro-The N97


Rumors of an N97 Mini gained traction on Wednesday with images that may represent the device. These pics were hosted up on but got taken down.

The Blog Post said (French to English Translation) :

“You had already mentioned a few weeks of persistent rumors of a Nokia N97 mini. We friends of the blog N97 have a nice scoop out today by offering the first pictures of the mini N97. Read more…

Nokia 3720- A phone that handles just anything

When you buy a cell phone you are told to take care of the following things

  1. Not to get the Phone near water or any other liquid leave aside getting it wet.
  2. Take care that the phone does not fall
  3. Keep it clean and avoid any contact to dust
  4. Do not subject the phone to any kind of physical shock or stress

And the you have the Nokia 3720, a phone that defies all the general norms that one keeps in mind while handling a cell phone. Nokia have gone a step ahed and broken all these notations about cell phone care and handling


I said above:  Do not subject the phone to any kind of physical shock or stress, see this video to know how Nokia just trashed it

Read more…

and the winner of 12MP race is Samsung with Pixon12(M8910)

Samsung yesteday announced their 12-megapixel cameraphone, the Pixon12 M8910. Controlled via a 3.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen, the Pixon12 is a quadband GSM, dualband (900/2100MHz) HSPA device with WiFi and GPS, while its all-important camera has autofocus (controlled by touching the preview screen), subject-tracking, a 28mm wide-angle lens and a combination Xenon and Power LED flash.

With this Samsung is slated to become the world’s forst phone manufacturer to release a 12Mp mobile phone and thus leave Sony Ericsson’ Satio(Idou) behind . The Pixon12 is an update to the company’s impressive Pixon M8800, which was released last year and packed an 8MP sensor. Read more…

Future of Money=Mobile Phone

April 18, 2009 1 comment

With the News hitting a few days ago of Visa having launched its first mobile payment service utilizing Near Field Communications technology for point-of-sale transactions in Malaysia I could not help myself but visualise the time when all money transactions shall take place with mobile phones. The service allows owners of NFC-powered Nokia 6212 cell phones to wave the device by a contactless reader that will automatically deduct money from their credit account to make payments. Currently, 1,800 shops—along with highway toll gates and car park facilities—are already using the service.

I see this technology becoming a main stream one if the handset makers add it to their handsets with more enthusiasm and vigour.  The technology is great and reduces the need to carry the wallet and your cards with you. Though it increases your convenience but along with this makes your mobile phone more vulnerable and thus giving even more reasons for its theft. The security aspect of this technology is critical if it has to become more main stream. Read more…

Why I Love my N96……….

March 25, 2009 1 comment

nokia-n96When Nokia announced the N96 in February 2008 it seemed a little short of anything new when compared to the earlier devices like n95 and N95-8GB and hence was not much an object of my desire. Even when the device was released in September 2008 in India, I still did not purchase the N96 as it had a buggy firmware.
But when he Firmware Version 12.043 was released with some major improvements and the reviews of the new device suggesting very improved performance of the device, so I decided to bring this device to my home, and after four months with the device I am glad that I bought it.
The N96 has since then took over the mantle of being my most used device for multimedia purposes from by beloved N95. The device is great to use and is a must for anyone who wants the best device when it comes to great all-round performance
Here’s a list of things that make the N96 a desirable device Read more…

10 things to look for in a Mobile Phone

February 22, 2009 Leave a comment

10 Things to look for in a Mobile Phone via TechDigest

The launch of the very tasty Toshiba TG01 has got me thinking. What is it I’m after in the perfect phone? Well, what with the choice of handsets these days being about more than having polyphonic ringtones, and section 2 subcategory B of Sod’s Law stating that you can’t have everything, I thought it might be a good time to prioritise, especially with MWC 2009 just around the corner.

So, here we go then. The Tech Digest top 10 features to look for in a mobile phone as according to me and with all the subjectivity and bias I can muster. In Read more…