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Reddish Theme by Nahid..

As per Nahid it is his best theme released. Its fully updated with new NaHiD iconset and new icons for 3rd party applications. Theme is compiled in red and black colours.

Its compatible with 3rd edition and 5th edition devices. It has more than 325+ 3rd party icons.

Here are some screen shots of the theme…

Screenshot0019 Read more…


The N95’s Legacy and how it impacts Nokia today……….

N95All you gadget fans out there and even the normobs must be familiar with the legendary handset that came out from Nokia’s stables around 30 months ago, it was christened the N95 by them. Its was a legend then, and even is now but a lot of devices match it or better it these days.

Back in May 2007 when i became a proud owner of the Nokia N95 it was the best mobile phone that the market had. It beat it rivals by miles and no other phone could come near it in term of features. It had all what one could imagine. It had the following list of features that were till then unseen in any mobile device:

  • The first mobile phone that had a 5 Megapixel Camera that was a very  good performer
  • The first mobile phone that had 3.5G to be commercially launched, means it could do 3.5Mbps even in 2007, Wi-Fi, UPnP Read more…

Nokia N97: To buy or Not????

n97Nokia’s upcoming flagship the N97 has been amongst the new in the last few days. Nokia as usual have been successful in creating great hype around N97. All this hype and publicity arises the question that is Nokia N97 worth spending your hard earned money on???? Is it the next N95 from Nokia as it was billed before its announcement at the Nokia World last year……. lets investigate………

Why Should you Buy the N97 Read more…

Nokia Slips in E52: The Marathon talk time Slim phone

11Nokia silently slipped the E52 into the webspace through their blog.  The E52 is the reincarnation of the E55 sans the half QWERTY keypad as it sports the more conventional T9. The handset looks sleek and seems nice and shall appeal to more people than the E55 as its more conventional and thus easy to use. Calling it a successor to the E51 will not be a mistake. Like all the recent E series candybar phones this too has it design roots from the super sexy E71 which means that it shall be a slim smartphone. But even being slim the phone packs quite a punch as its battery has enough juice to make it last eight hours of calling on GSM(six hours on WCDMA) and 23 hours standby. The Conversations site call it having super talk time, which as per the given specs seems apt. Read more…

Why I Love my N96……….

March 25, 2009 1 comment

nokia-n96When Nokia announced the N96 in February 2008 it seemed a little short of anything new when compared to the earlier devices like n95 and N95-8GB and hence was not much an object of my desire. Even when the device was released in September 2008 in India, I still did not purchase the N96 as it had a buggy firmware.
But when he Firmware Version 12.043 was released with some major improvements and the reviews of the new device suggesting very improved performance of the device, so I decided to bring this device to my home, and after four months with the device I am glad that I bought it.
The N96 has since then took over the mantle of being my most used device for multimedia purposes from by beloved N95. The device is great to use and is a must for anyone who wants the best device when it comes to great all-round performance
Here’s a list of things that make the N96 a desirable device Read more…

A Nokia Fan Boy’s Dream

This post had been in my drafts from the last two weeks, to be precise from the 18th of February, but when i came across a beautifully worded article from Dotsisx of The Symbian Guru and decided to publish it

Seeing what Nokia had to offer in terms of new handsets at the MWC i might say that i have to say i am a bit disaapointed.

Its really sad for a Nokia fan like me to see Samsung and Sony Ericsson leading the race from Nokia in terms of Hardware and Technology.

It seems long ago that Nokia had a market leader phone that was by far the most advanced phone in the market, read the N95 in its good old days.

Today in terms of whats announced and whats available in the market Nokia is no more a leader on the cutting edge technology front.

  • The first 8 Megapixel phone was from Samsung and that to Symbian.
  • The first HD Video recording phone has been announced Samsung the Omnia HD and that to Symbian S60 V5 OS.
  • The recently announced 12.1 Megapixel Concept Idou from Sony Ericsson will also run Symbian OS.

Yes Nokia has announced the N86 with a 8 Megapixel Camera with the best camera optics till date(if you somehow can ignore the absence of optical zoom) but it seems a bit late.

C’mmon Nokia rise up and make a Smart Phone that shall be a Market Leader in Technology like the N95. Read more…

Telecom Italia to get 28 Mbps mobile broadband

February 23, 2009 3 comments

Telecom Italia to get 28 Mbps Broadband powered by Ericsson via IntoMobile

Ericsson  and Telecom Italia initiate deployment of mobile network technology of 28 Mbps speeds in early 2009. The deployment will include MIMO technology. Milan will be the first town to become the Italian ‘ultra-broadband city’, enjoying speeds up to 28 Mbps in download and 5.8 Mbps in upload.

Telecom Italia will be first in Italy to deploy live mobile broadband speeds of 28 Mbps with Ericsson’s mobile network technology. Tests in Telecom Italia’s mobile network will start early 2009 and initial deployment is planned in the city of Milan in June 2009. National coverage will follow in the second half of 2009. Read more…