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Ovi Store deleting comments without any proper justification….

Today i got a mail from Ovi Store Moderator Team( object@store.ovi.com ) that one of my comments has been deleted. Even though i do not remember for which application i had submitted this comment but still the comment was related to the application and had no reason in my knowledge to be deleted citing that it violated the terms of the Ovi Store.

Here’s an excerpt from the mail

Dear rishminder,

We are informing you that we have removed the following comment from your account in Ovi Store:

the application is good but why are all the options in reverse order exit is where options or open is supposed to be…. This makes the use cumbersome… Correct it asap

We have removed the comment since it appears to violate the Ovi Store content guidelines.
Nokia is committed to providing a safe and fun service for the consumers. Repeated violations of the content guidelines may lead to termination of the account. Please continue to use Ovi Store but please review the Content Guidelines for what is not allowed on the service.

Thank you,
Ovi Store Moderation Team

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Object

I do not think in any sane persons mind would my comment violate any of the store’s content guidelines. I have also shot a mail to them asking for elaborate explanation for deletion of comment.

Even though Comment Moderation is must for any good site to prevent spam but this kind of moderation kills the whole purpose of allowing users to comment about any application or other stuff.
I shall update the post as soon as i get any reply from Ovi Store.

What do you fell about this? You are more than welcome to discuss about it in the comments section….

Posted by Wordmobi

  1. September 24, 2009 at 10:55 am

    Your comment was a 1 line review of the app! What the hell is violative in that.. Makes no sense to me!!

  2. Joe
    November 27, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    I also received an email telling me that my comment had been removed due to violation of the ‘Ovi Store content guideline’. My comment was:

    “Really crappy app. I’m a professional software developer, and i could have written this piece of rubbish in a spare hour or so. There’s no effort put into the software at all. Waste of my 2 dollars. Avoid.”

    I realized that it might be a little harsh (using the word ‘crappy’ and ‘rubbish’) but it was an accurate evaluation of the software. The most surprising part was that such censorship even existed at all in the Ovi Store, and how it defeated the purpose of user comments altogether if we can only say positive things about softwares in the Ovi Store.

  3. XPJ38
    March 27, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Leaving a positive comment is not enough for them unfortunately !
    Here is my comment about the “Mail for Exchange” application, now deleted :

    “Extremely useful for syncing contacts and calendar with a Google account ! To manage the multiple calendars of Google Agenda, I recommand the use of http://www.nuevasync.com with MfE.”

    A nice advice that I would appreciate if I was looking for good reviews for MfE ! Such comments are common in the Android Market, so why not in Ovi Store ? I am really disappointed.

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