Nokia N97: To buy or Not????

n97Nokia’s upcoming flagship the N97 has been amongst the new in the last few days. Nokia as usual have been successful in creating great hype around N97. All this hype and publicity arises the question that is Nokia N97 worth spending your hard earned money on???? Is it the next N95 from Nokia as it was billed before its announcement at the Nokia World last year……. lets investigate………

Why Should you Buy the N97

1. The N97 is a storage monster and packs a strong punch in this department that knocks the competition hands down. With 32GB at the helm and the ability to expand it even more by the Micro SD card slot, thus totaling at 48GB but its almost sure that the device shall support 32GB and even 64GB cards in future. So if you love devices with huge storage the N97 is certainly the one for you coupled with its great multimedia capabilities that shall be dealt  in the next points.


2.  If you want a phone that’s uber cool the N97 is the one for you. The special hinge slider mechanism being practical is also ultra cool. The phone looks stunning with its real estate of touchscreen upfront and becomes even sexier when the slider is opened, the tilted screen and full QWERTY keyboard shall certainly make a lot of heads turn. So if are about new gadgets with lots of style the N97 certainly shall do for you.


3. If you love listening your music on the go or you love watching videos or movies on the go the N97 fits you bill aptly. The N97 with is superior audio playback and a good music player(albeit aging) with a handy equalizer would give you great music if coupled with some good headset(the bundled ones are always crap). The N97 with its 16:9 aspect ratio screen shall make a great portable player for viewing videos and movies.  So if you are some one who enjoys the media on the go, go pre order you N97 today.

4. The N97 is certain to bring the Internet browsing experience to the next level as it is billed by Nokia as a Personal Internet device. The N97 with its customize able home screen with various social network widgets shall keep you always connected. The phone having a touch screen shall allow you to use its kinetic scrolling to browse the Internet in a great way.


So these are the four reasons that make N97 a device worth buying.

Now  the reasons for not buying the N97:

1. The N97 even though being a Flagship device from Nokia lacks fire power in the Camera department. It has a five Megapixel sensor with Carl Zeiss lens that is two years old and even Nokia’s own N86 handsomely Triumphs the N97 ih this department. If you are willing to spend the money on a good camera phone the N97 is not the one for you. If only Nokia had fitted the N97 with the camera unit that is in the N86 it would have become the all in one device.

2. If you are looking to buy a device that might be heavy on your wallet but not in your pocket the N97 is not for you, at 150gm its really a heavy device.

3. The touch screen on the N97 is resistive and when compared to the rivals it shall lack the fell and touch of a capacitive screen device a.k.a the one on the iPhone. Also its TFT and not AMOLED as the Samsung Omnia HD has thus N97 screen might not be responsive and vibrant as the competition it faces.

Hope i might have helped some of the prospective buyers.

And to add you reasons for buying or not the N97

  1. Frank
    May 12, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    – slow processor
    – sub standard OS (compared to Palm webOS, iPhone, Android) basically it uses the same OS as the N70-N95 just with the additon of touch. No revolutionary feature, only evolutionary.
    – the browser is sub par it can only properly display pages designed for mobile devices and not normal pages as the OperaMini browser does or the iPhone and Android browsers.
    – Widgets are now also available on the newly released version of Android V1.5 (cupcake).
    – No Gpu
    – Expensive when compared to the new Samsung OMNIA HD and expensive from the point of view that it doesn’t really offer anything compelling that cannot be done on any other symbian devices.

  2. Michael
    May 13, 2009 at 11:51 pm


    Its obvious that you don’t have a clue of what you are saying.

    “- slow processor” I can see you haven’t used a symbian device ever… Symbian isn’t winmo or android that requires a 1ghz processor to run, it runs smoothly on any processor regardless of the power. My N78 is a typical example, its processor is nothing to write home about, but I can multi-task more than 16 resource hungry applications with theme effect on and it would still run like a champ, witout any lag or delay. So the processor isn’t gonna be an issue. From what i’ve seen from the videos of the prototype, navigating through the N97 UI seems to be really fast and snappy.

    “- sub standard OS” Sure the N97’s UI isn’t as flashy as the iphone’s UI, but stating Symbian as sub standard, shows how ignorant you are about symbian or Nokia. Symbian is the world’s leading OS, its intuitive, straight foward and very powerfull. Get your facts straight kiddo!

    As for the browser argument, I suggest you take a look at these clips and and The last link is the 5800 which uses the same OS as the N97… Nokia phones have been able to browse full webpages, since Nokia N73’s era

    The cost of the N97 is perfect for the amount of feautures it offers. Couple of days ago US citizens where able to pre-order the N97 for as low as $524, as of now its available for pre-order at $699 + a free bluetooth headset which is a great bargain!!!. The N97’s price when compared to the Omnia hd is alot lesser, here is a link to which offers the N97 for pre-order at £499 and the Omnia hd 8gb version at £529.
    Nokia N97 –

    Omnia hd –

    So get your facts staight, before commenting on a topic you know nothing about.

  3. Rishminder Sidhu
    May 14, 2009 at 12:06 am

    And that so called slow processor shall give you lots and lots of the talk time or browsing time you may say and cost wise the phone is value for money if you do not buy it outright at the launch

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