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Need more custom Audio Themes for my Nokia

audio_themes_icon.gif With the latest firmware update from Nokia for the N96 came along the functionality to install and use the Audio Themes in the device. This is a really nice feature and allows the user to customize the sounds of the phone in a single go. It also adds a lot of new places where sounds can be added like the slider open and close, menu open and close, background music in the menu and what not.

So being so impressed by the feature i wanted to use it the fullest and customize my N96 even more and went on searching for more custom Audio Themes but could not find any except those from Nokia themselves. This came as a real shocker to me as i was hoping to get at least a few of them if not as many as the Themes we have for our phone. I could not find any developer for the audio themes. Strange…

Audio themes have a lot of potential and can be used not only to customize your phone but also used by people to promote their stuff like an Audio Theme of you favourite movie or of your favourite band and so on, the possibilities are endless. Nokia needs to promote this feature by organizing contests etc. If i were a developer i would have surely designed an Audio Theme using my favourite tracks.Developers give up some cool audio themes.

And thanks to @alsiladka for liking my idea on twitter

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