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Why I Love my N96……….

nokia-n96When Nokia announced the N96 in February 2008 it seemed a little short of anything new when compared to the earlier devices like n95 and N95-8GB and hence was not much an object of my desire. Even when the device was released in September 2008 in India, I still did not purchase the N96 as it had a buggy firmware.
But when he Firmware Version 12.043 was released with some major improvements and the reviews of the new device suggesting very improved performance of the device, so I decided to bring this device to my home, and after four months with the device I am glad that I bought it.
The N96 has since then took over the mantle of being my most used device for multimedia purposes from by beloved N95. The device is great to use and is a must for anyone who wants the best device when it comes to great all-round performance
Here’s a list of things that make the N96 a desirable device
1. Impeccable music quality: The N96 has a great sound output when used with good headphones(earphones) like Bose or Sennehieser, on a scale of 10 I shall give it 9.
2. Great video viewing: The kick stand and the 2.8 inch screen make the N96 a great video viewing device, not to forget the increased volume while playing the videos after a firmware update to V11. On a scale on 10 I give it an 8(-1 for lack of support for more video codec, -1 for battery life being not up to the mark)

3. Huge Storage capacity: The built in 16GB mass storage coupled with a Micro SDHC card slot make N96a storage monster, and not to forget the ultra fast data transfer speeds when used in the USB mode. I have used the device as my Pen Drive ever since I bought it. I shall give it a 10/10 here.

4. Great Camera: The device’s camera is great. It is even better than that on N95, seems Nokia has given it better software. The picture quality is impeccable during day time while the Dual LED is useful in night video shooting but lags when taking stills, the N82 with its Xenon is the best here. I shall have given it a 9/10 but with the N86 round the corner I give it an8 out of 10.

5. Great AGPS: The GPS onboard of the N96 is great and smooth to use. The time to get GPS fix is significantly shorter than the N95. The GPS work very well and is not a pain to use any more. It is 9/10 in this department.

6. Great Looks and Build Quality: The N96 is a gorgeous phone and looks great. Nokia have upped the build quality on this devices many notches when compared to the wobbly N95. The N96 feels great in hands and the slider is great. If only Nokia could have made it less attracted to finger prints. Overall its 8.5/10

Let me know if you like your N96 for other reasons………..

Pics via DailyMobile.se


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